Say I Do to A New Sound

Selecting the perfect wedding dress can be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  Many a bride started her planning by dreaming of the perfect ballgown that would make her look like a princess as she started her new life with the man of her dreams.  While she may busy herself searching for the perfect dress to compliment her figure and the theme of her wedding, he might focus on a different portion of the nuptials – the honeymoon.  If the couple intend to take to the open road after the ceremony, he’ll be smart to outfit their auto with the latest stereo equipment and road safety features from Best Buy.  October is the perfect time for a fall wedding.  The weather is cooler, the leaves turning those golden hues provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor ceremony.  Taking off afterwards has always been an exciting part of any ceremony.  In the old days, the couple took off from the church or social hall in a getaway car that had been decorated by the couple’s best friends.   Following the lead of the best man, they would make signs that said, “just married” and place them on the sides of the auto.  In some cases, they would tie cans to the back of the auto so it would make a lot of noise, drawing attention to the couple as they made their way through the streets.

Times have changed and the old custom of tin cans sparking on the pavement are outdated (and outlawed in some places) today.  Where rice was thrown on the couple to represented fertility, bubbles or confetti have taken their place.  And thanks to advances in audio and stereo equipment, they can find the latest tech innovations to ensure they have a smooth and enjoyable trip.  If they use Groupons to purchase new stereo equipment, they can save money as well.  Most new couples should be mindful of their budget.  Groupon is a way of saving money on everyday items from thousands of retailers who offer millions of items for sale.  Best Buy has teamed with Groupon and offers savings of up to 20% off with exclusive codes, and as much as 50% off their deal of the day.

Not only will the couple find the equipment, they’ll find lots of sounds to play on it.  True to its origin as a music store, Best Buy stocks the latest cd releases and musical instruments as well.  If you’re a groom planning a getaway by car after the wedding, be sure you decorate the car with something that will last longer than a trip to the airport.  Use a Groupon and buy a stereo system that will last for as long as it lives.


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